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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What to Wear for a Fall Photo Shoot

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don’t match!
The biggest misconception I get for portraits is that everyone in the picture should be matching. This isn’t true! Your entire family doesn’t walk around the kitchen wearing white shirts and khaki pants, so why should you do that in your pictures?  Being identical has it's time and place (I just ordered identical mommy and me outfits from Asia for me any my girl, I love to break the rules!) but in general you will look more natural and candid if you are not dressed like clones.

mix it up!
Try choosing a colour family (for instance, all warm colours such as red, brown, and gold) and then add some variety within that colour family. It’s okay to mix patterns and fabrics as long as the colours tie everything together.  Texture and layers are magic in the camera, we can also create a variety of moods by removing and adding layers and accessories.  Using a scarf to frame your face bringing all the focus to your eyes or chandelier earrings that will bring drama to a close up portrait.

be comfortable!
Don’t let your clothes distract from the main focus of your portraits - YOU!

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